Pentaho Report DesignerPentaho Report Designer

With all the emphasis on sexy add-hoc analysis, traditional reporting seems a bit boring but remains crucially important. Users need hard copy reports to present to clients, email as attachments, read on personal devices or simply print and review.

Pentaho Reporting creates pixel perfect reports in different formats (Excel, PDF, HTML) ready for distribution. Reports definitions are hosted on the Pentaho BI Server and populated with the very latest business data when retrieved. Users can access reports directly via the web or receive them from email on a scheduled basis.

Millersoft can help integrate information from multiple operational systems into a single report. We can also define dynamic filters, e.g. allowing users to report on a specific region or department direct from the BI Server. Millersoft can help make report design simpler through the creation of a Meta-Data layer, which hides the database complexity and allows users create reports from attributes with business meaning.


Report Designer ScreenshotReporting for real users

Web-based designer for interactive reporting

Pentaho provides a highly interactive and easy to use web-based design interface for the casual business user to create simple and ad hoc operational reports, without depending on I.T. or report developers.

  • Easy and live interaction with reports, designed specifically for the most casual type of user
  • Drag and drop designer to add, move, and delete fields directly within the report canvas
  • Inline formatting, filtering, sorting, grouping, aggregations and summary calculations
  • WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) report design and editing
  • Template-based report creation for immediate productivity

Millersoft can makes this happen by configuring the Pentaho metadata model.