Sheetloom screenshots

Millersoft have developed Sheetloom as an Excel plugin for Pentaho to get live operational data into spreadsheets without resorting to cut & paste. Sheetloom automagically keeps current all those dashboards, budgets and forecasts that companies *still* maintain in Excel.

When Business Analysts publish their Excel spreadsheets via Sheetloom they can both manage the distribution and justify the dynamic content. Suddenly every spreadsheet access is authenticated (and logged) and all content delivered as appropriate to users role in the organisation. Sheetloom achieves all of this without the need for any client side plugins and every spreadsheet is Excel compliant. Now you can dynamically generate Pivot Tables/Charts from any database or webservice.


Business Benefits

  • No more cut & paste with spreadsheets generated on demand from live data
  • Business analysts can work in an environment where they are most comfortable… Excel
  • All Business analysts work with a consistent set of data access queries which are plugged into Excel
  • Dynamic corporate dashboards can be designed/delivered in minutes using just spreadsheets
  • Complete separation between content and design
  • Reconcile results against operational data feeds
  • Distribute on demand over the web to any device
  • Deliver dynamic intelligence rather than raw data
  • Easily compare budgets and targets against actual results
  • Secure authentication and authorisation over http
  • Mash different cubes together in the same spreadsheet eg Orders vs Invoices vs Returns


  • No sharepoint required
  • No coding required
  • No plugins required
  • Can all be run on Linux on the cloud
  • Scales via load balancing
  • Extends an existing/proven architecture to deliver something new
  • Spreadsheet templates can be maintained in a shared drive or via dropbox
  • Hooks directly into Pentaho Data integration to pull data from anywhere
  • Pivot Tables/Charts, sparklines and conditional formatting are all available
  • Supports maintenance of spreadsheets over FTP/Shared Drives or even Dropbox

Sheetloom architecture