Our Partners

Amazon Web Services

Millersoft has been developing with Amazon Web Services since 2009 and is a member of the AWS Partner Network (APN), offering:

  • Managed Services
  • Architectural Specifications
  • Application Creation and Deployment using Redshift, DynamoDB, Amazon RDS and Amazon EMR
  • Cost Reduction Strategies


Millersoft has been a Pentaho Partner since 2010, being the longest serving partner in the UK. Millersoft uses Pentaho Business Intelligence solutions to transform all company data into dashboards, reports and KPIs. Using commodity databases and cloud computing power, Millersoft delivers real-time business insight at the lowest possible price point.


Millersoft became a Yellowfin partner in 2017 to support the BI efforts of an existing financial client. Since then, we have rapidly built up our experience and can now offer Yellowfin consultancy and support. We have particular expertise in using the Mondrian OLAP server as a front end to Yellowfin.


Millersoft became a MongoDB partner in 2017 to provide Data Integration services to a large financial institution. We have particular experience in populating MongoDB using Pentaho Data Integration as well as building Business Data Vaults on top of MongoDB. We also have tools for automatically converting XML documents into MongoDB documents.