Millersoft helps companies derive meaning from data; BIG, small, CRM, financial, website… in fact, any data source. By bridging the gap between software and solutions, Millersoft delivers Pentaho Business Intelligence to transform all this data into dashboards, reports and KPIs. Using commodity databases and cloud compute power, Millersoft delivers real-time business insight at lowest possible price point. Please contact us for more information and new developments.

Cloud Solutions

Amazon Web Services

Millersoft can both host and manage your Business Intelligence solutions on the Amazon cloud. Allowing your business to scale effortlessly as both demand and data volumes increase.

Consultancy Solutions


Millersoft can help companies become self-sufficient in Pentaho Business Intelligence by providing the necessary training and advice.

Hosted Solutions


Millersoft can also manage your internal Business Intelligence servers over VPN. Our Pentaho specialists can monitor remote servers and fix faults before they impact business processes.