Druid Services and Support

Millersoft provides both services and support for the open source version of Apache Druid. We help companies scale out enterprise decision making using Superset, Kafka, Druid and Excel.

Millersoft Druid Reference from the Nets Group

Kind comments on Millersoft from Nets CTO Kyle Milnes

“I’ve invited Millersoft to partner in multiple organisations over the years. At Nets Millersoft are a trusted vendor and have been awarded multiple projects delivering excellent results, and they are in my professional go-to contacts for Business Intelligence and Database Reliability Engineering solutions. 

If you’d like to learn details or ask questions please reach out. The Millersoft team is collaborative and talented. The ratio of requirements “in” to value “out” is excellent. Their ways of working are modern and pragmatic, after a few slack chats and lightweight design sessions to align on MoSCoW, you’ll have a proposal and/or a demonstrable PoC to help make informed decisions for your projects and products.

We choose to run a joint Now/Next/Later agile KanBan board on Coda.io which helps us document, orchestrate and deliver. 

In Feb 2020 Millersoft took on a challenging project to build an off prem BI platform for risk management data, which had to eliminate the GDPR and PCI compliance challenges or conform with them. They did a great job collaboratively building multi-billion row data cubes and a high performance detokenistion service to hit our InfoSec and Compliance requirements. 

The tech stack is a healthy blend of cutting edge vs. tried and tested components and includes showcase items like linkerd service mesh for API containers running on Kubernetes. Our data pipelines produce to Kafka which Druid then consumes for ingestion, PostgreSQL for enrichment, mongoDB for a super-fast detokenistion vault. I’m really happy with what we’ve built together and have extended the project to keep improving the platform’s future revisions. 

Also noteworthy is the open-source approach. We chose druid, superset and turnillo to provide BI and data exploration capabilities to our end users. Millersoft forked the codebases on GitHub and implemented customisations to meet our requirements. I look forward to submitting pull requests to the mainline repos and giving back to those great projects. To keep the modified software forks updated Millersoft have rebased mainline changesets into our forks. I’m impressed and very happy with this methodology” 

Enterprise Decision Making with Superset and Druid

Apache Superset brings analytics, dashboards and traditional reporting to Druid. Out the box, companies often find these solutions difficult to integrate. Millersoft can make the custom adaptions needed for a smoother transition to business intelligence at enterprise scale. 

For example, our engineers can battle-harden Druid releases to avoid data loss. They can also tune Druid for both ingestion throughput from Kafka and optimal query performance. Millersoft can integrate corporate single-sign-on functionality (e.g. SAML2) into Superset. Or implement advanced de/tokenisation regimes to manage personally identifiable information. High availability Druid installations on AWS is our speciality. 

Enterprise decision making never sleeps in large organisations, streaming analytics platforms require continuous availability. Millersoft can integrate robust operational analytics (using Cloudwatch/Prometheus) to ensure 24hr monitoring and alerting. We also offer full operational support.

Massive OLAP Cubes

Druid supports the widest fact tables with no limits on the number of dimensions a measure can have. Millersoft can help your company leverage this power to build OLAP cubes using  the latest Universal Star Schemas design.

Excel intelligence with Sheetloom & Druid

Sheetloom is a new SaaS product from Millersoft that seamlessly integrates Excel with Druid. Sheetloom makes it possible to populate Pivot Tables and sheet cells directly from Druid SQL without any cut & paste or open database connections. The is a huge win for organisations with complex models fed from real time datasets. Sheetloom runs on  Amazon AWS and can support 1000s of users at a fraction of the cost of PowerBI.

Druid Project Management Services

Millersoft provides Apache Druid consultancy, installation, design, custom development and support. We cover Kafka/Kinesis integration plus custom data transformations via Spark or AWS Lambda. 

We integrate existing reporting solutions and can provide tailored Apache Superset customisations to meet specific reporting and security requirements for both GDPR and PII (e.g de/tokenisation). 

We help customers plan their transition to streaming analytics and help them realise the promise of this key technology.

Our dedicated Druid staff take projects from the idea stage, through planning and on to implementation. 

Millersoft assists with Druid project management, providing;

  • Oversight
  • Planning
  • Estimates
  • Resource profiles
  • Data modelling
  • Security requirements
  • Ingestion estimates
  • Transformation specifications
  • Cloud templates
  • Server sizing
  • Cloud cost projections
  • Reporting tool selection
  • Interface/API design
  • Workflow integration
  • Task automation