Services From Millersoft

Enterprise Data Lakes on the Cloud

Millersoft provides services for automating the construction, population and monitoring of Data Lakes on the Cloud. If your company needs to query operational data from different systems, locations and formats then speak with us. We can do enterprise wide data integration with zero software licence fees.

Data Warehouse Consultancy

Can't decide between a Data Lake and a Data Warehouse? Millersoft can both assist with the evaluation, helping your company obtain the necessary functionality.

Millersoft provides accredited Data Vault 2.0 consultancy and design, delivering modern data warehouses based on recognised industry standards.

Regulatory Reporting

Millersoft helps companies meet increasingly complex regulatory reporting requirements.

Some of the recent challenges include; MIFID II, PI, IRFS9, AIFM, GDPR, PECR, DPA 2018 and E-PRIVACY.
Millersoft uses the latest cloud technology to do data integration and reporting at the massive scale needed by Banks and Insurance companies.

Data Visualisation

Millersoft does custom dashboards through to ad-hoc analytics, including batch reports and alerts. We specialise in running and tuning Apache Druid on top of massive data sets and using Apache Superset for analysis.

Powered by Apache Superset & Druid

Data Integration

Millersoft does data integration with Pentaho Data Integration (PDI) software and Apache Spark. We have a team of experienced developers to hand who can blend data from any data source, transform it and push it into the database of your choice for analysis.

Powered by Apache Spark and Pentaho

Cloud Solution Design

Millersoft has tonnes of hard bitten experience, earned working with multi-national companies. We've done  logistics, banking, credit profiling, gaming and retail; all on the Amazon AWS cloud. So get in touch and run your plans past us for a quick sanity check or complete overhaul.

Powered by Amazon AWS Cloud

About Millersoft


Millersoft is an independent software consultancy based in Scotland and has been delivering data processing solutions for over 20 years. Millersoft has clients throughout the UK as well as in Ireland, Germany, Holland, Estonia, and Peru.

Millersoft is an Amazon AWS partner and has staff experienced in building Data Lakes and Data Vaults in the cloud.

Millersoft can deliver the full business intelligence stack, building; integrated dashboards, reports, ad-hoc analysis and data warehouses.

Millersoft is a user and supporter of open source and uses licence free software wherever possible to increase solution flexibility and reduce costs. Millersoft owns and maintains the Data Nessie ™ service for automating the construction of Data Lakes on Amazon S3.



Pierre Haas

Commercial Analyst, Housetrip
Millersoft did a great job setting Pentaho up in an amazingly short time frame. Our team was so eager to have all its business questions answered that the second Pentaho went live, half of the company started using it. Being able to put almost all our data into Pentaho made it a very powerful tool for us to user during our high growth.

Andrew Behan

Commercial Director, Favorit United N.V.
We first employed Millersoft's expertise back in early 2012 when we came to an understanding that our business intelligence practices were dated. After employing a full Pentaho enterprise solution supplied and customise by Millersoft, we are now on the right track to maximising our potential profit margins using the comprehensive Millersoft BI & BA tools.

Andrew Paddison

Head of Data, M&CSaatchi
Millersoft helped us meet challenging analytical requirements on key client accounts.

Dr Adrianos Evangelidis

Information Management Group Manager, The Scottish Government
Since 2012, Millersoft has been the provider of Pentaho related training and consulting services to the Information Systems Division within the Scottish Government. With Millersoft's help, we have been able to develop Pentaho based Business Intelligence and Data Integration capability.