Millersoft works with businesses across multiple sectors. We take the best approaches and ideas from each when implementing solutions.

Analysis of Financial Information

Millersoft works with companies to create pivot tables for easy analysis of financial information (orders/invoices/debt/purchasing). We create multi-dimensional cubes that enable the analysis of real time data at speed.

We have experienced developers on hand who can deliver powerful ad-hoc reporting from data hidden deep in financial systems like; Navision, Sage (100/MM/Line 50), Oracle Financials, SAP, Lawson M3/Movex ,CargoWise, Credit Agency feeds and Bloomberg Back Office files. We can also blend that financial information with operational data to provide the broadest business perspective.

International Financial Reporting Standards

Both statutory reporting and regulation for banks has become more complex and time consuming. Some of the recent challenges include; MIFID II, PI, IRFS9, AIFM, GDPR, PECR, DPA 2018 and E-PRIVACY.

Millersoft can help introduce modern data integration and reporting practices that help meet the new banking challenges doing data integration at scale and on the AWS Cloud using Pentaho and Apache Spark.

Turning Raw Data into Gaming Insight

Millersoft helps Gaming companies both scale their solutions on the AWS Cloud and analyse the results. We assist Gaming companies manage; Affiliate Relationships, Player Recruitment, Player Retention and Marketing ROI (calculations plus map visualisations).

Gaming companies can see activity across different business perspectives like time, geography, gender, age, purchase behaviour, gaming activity, and much more to reveal underlying trends.


Millersoft is working with some of the largest logistics companies in the world to provide powerful reporting solutions on top of CargoWise. We can provide;

  • Capture shipment changes
  • Pivot table analysis at charge code level
  • Customisable dashboards
  • Industry standard KPIs
  • Standardised reports in any currency
  • Per branch reporting and visibility
  • Custom rollups per customer
  • Revenue recognition analysis
  • All delivered in the web browser