Team Millersoft

Millersoft is simply our staff, who provide data processing services to our clients across the globe. All our employees are recruited from local universities and we continually invest in their training and development.

Millersoft is an independent software consultancy based in Scotland and has been delivering data processing solutions for over 20 years. Millersoft has clients throughout the UK as well as in Ireland, Germany, Holland, Estonia, and Peru.

We only recruit hard-core techies who expect to be challenged with the latest technology. Most of our permanent employees started as paid interns/placements while studying at University. We aim to augment this recruitment process by taking on IT apprentices from the local area.

Millersoft is 100% privately owned, our growth is organic with our focus on quality and customer satisfaction. The only reward we chase and value is a repeat customer order. 

Millersoft is an Amazon AWS partner and has staff experienced in building Data Lakes and Data Vaults in the Cloud. Millersoft can deliver the full business intelligence stack, building; integrated dashboards, reports, ad-hoc analysis and data warehouses.

Millersoft is a supporter of open source and uses licence free software wherever possible to increase solution flexibility and reduce costs. Helping customers extract value from their data is the challenge we relish.