Analyse your Customer Base

Millersoft has worked with some of the biggest companies in Europe, bringing the power of pivot tables to the world of customer analysis.

Millersoft can provide dashboards to provide powerful market analysis of your customer base. Taking order and customer information from any accounting/ERP system, we can segment the customer base by recency, frequency and value, showing the high/low value and repeat customers, allowing companies to target specific groups with a particular product or message.

We can show you how to prepare a campaign, extract a specific group for a mail shot and then measure the ROI of that campaign. Using tools like Pentaho and Yellowfin, Millersoft can prepare powerful Ad-Hoc analytical views of:

  • Loyalty Attrition Analysis
  • Customer Life Cycle Analysis
  • Source of Business by New Versus Repeat Customers
  • Status by Customer Segment