Millersoft provides businesses across the globe with a wide-array of business intelligence services. 


Doing cloud-based analytics on big data volumes at low cost is now relatively straightforward. Simply create a fat spreadsheet/csv file, load it into Google Big Query and/or AWS S3 and start splicing that cube using Looker and/or AWS Quicksight. Analytics starts to get more complicated when;

  • business dimensions start changing
  • new data arrives
  • views need restricted by user or role
  • the board asks where the figures came from
  • multiple currencies are required
  • custom ranges/categorises are needed
  • revenue recognition date calculations are required

Millersoft can refresh cubes in real time and provide full data lineage for every measure. We can scale cubes to any size and get the right data, to the correct people, in the desired format whenever they need it.


Creating dashboards is now a point and click affair using powerful new tools like Qlik and Power BI. However, the data that feeds these tools needs continually cleansed, organised and validated against operational data sources. Millersoft can help improve the quality and boost the reliability of dashboard data feeds.


Dashboards have their place, but may organisations require PDF and Excel reports for regulatory reasons and bulk distribution via email. Millersoft can help generate and distribute professional looking PDFs/Spreadsheets direct from operational systems.

Data Processing and Integration

Today’s organisations typically need to process and translate huge volumes of data and they want all that data on the cloud for analysis. Different data processing tasks need different tools and approaches both on and off premise. Millersoft can help design and implement the necessary data processing pipelines using open source software like Pentaho and Apache Spark.

Data Lakes

Millersoft helps build Amazon AWS Data Lakes on S3 using Athena for analysis. We do this for large banks and gaming companies, complying with the latest AWS architectural standards.

Data Warehousing

Data Lakes have taken the shine of data warehouses in recent years, but the need for both a comprehensive and consistent view of corporate data sets is as higher now than ever. Millersoft builds data warehouses to the new Data Vault 2.0 standards.

Process Automation

Millersoft works closely with Amazon AWS tools like Amazon Turk and Amazon Textract to help organisations get paper forms into databases for analysis. We can wrap this service up using powerful workflow engines to manage and monitor the process.

AWS API Gateway Testing

Millersoft can now assist companies with AWS application load testing using Apache Jmeter against Amazon API Gateway. We can advise on Lambda/Aurora serverless configurations and resolve architectural issues before go live. We can also assist with AWS CloudFormation scripts and help move applications from testing into production.